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Spacious classrooms are essential to support a sound process of teaching and learning, and to provide a conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused lectures.The classrooms have been augmented with integrated audio-visual teaching aids, computer terminals with internet, LCDs, OHPs, slide-projectors and public address system. The step-pattern design creates a congenial atmosphere for long hours of learning and a proper teacher-students interaction.


Computer Centre

The Institute believes in the use of information technology in all the spheres of its activities in line with current trends. To facilitate this, the computer labs are equipped with the latest Pentium PCs, and software & a state-of-art Local Area Network (LAN), providing multi-user environment on Windows platform to meet both present and future needs. The Institute provides the computer lab facilities with 1:1 computer-student ratio, with high profile technical expert.


Language Lab

Effective communication is the most sought after skill in todays’ corporate world. The language lab is equipped with latest technology—software for digital multimedia language learning. The lab has 30 terminals with one server. The instructor can interact with all the thirty students individually and collectively via the server. The purpose of the lab is to encourage the active involvement of students in optimum improvement of their English language and communication.



The Conference rooms – a common ground for student-industry interface --- are equipped with advanced presentation tools, such as DLP multimedia projectors, lap top notebook computers, electronic copy boards, OHP projectors, internet and intranet connectivity that enable world class corporate presentations. Through corporate presentation students have a chance to interact with various corporate heads, academic gurus and enterprise leaders with interactive group discussion.


Tutorial Rooms

Tutorial rooms proved a perfect setting for students to master team work skills through brain-storming sessions, problem solving exercises, and group discussions etc. This check the students skills & intelligence at regular period of time.


Medical Facility

All students are covered by a comprehensive Medical Insurance to meet any exigency. KIPM provides free medical aid to the students in the campus round the clock, and has tie-ups with hospitals to take care of emergencies.



The cafe serves for those endless cups of coffee, conversations with buddies, and of course the good grub meals and snacks to students, staff and faculty, and functions at a very affordable rate. The place where students can relax & enjoy.



The pharmacy museum is well-stocked with different dosage-form-charts, models, charts & specimens and flow diagrams to enable the students visualize and store the information in a simple, interesting and more effective way.

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