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Kailash Institute of Pharmacy and Management have been established under the aegis of Ashutosh Shiksha Evam Sewa Sansthan in the benevolent guidance and leadership of Mr. R. D. Singh (President of the Society), to provide quality education to the students of management.

The Promoters are driven by an objective that our students need to be highly accomplished, enterprising and committed citizens so that they deliver the best values. In order to achieve such an objective, we follow well-designed and professionally formulated way of doing things supported by proficient and experienced teachers, a set of adequate infrastructure, and good ambience. The Institute is ISO 9001:2008 QMS Certified for all of its courses.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to become a leading Institute in the fields of Pharmacy and Management, imparting high quality education and providing ambiance for growth

Towards this end, management, faculty, students commit themselves to the pursuit of excellence through dissemination of knowledge, development of skills and imbibing values that improve professional conduct.


To provide learning facilities to the students for pursuing career in technical and professional education, and to achieve excellence through knowledge and innovation.

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The Society

Ashutosh Shiksha Evam Sewa Sansthan has adopted multisectorial, multiconstituency, and integrated approach in its plans and policies. It attempts to make a positive difference to the quality of lives of the Purvanchal populace. And, through comprehensive development strategies to influence policies, build local capacities, and empower communities in core areas such as health, nutrition and education.

One of the main focuses of Ashutosh Shiksha Evam Sewa Sansthan in the present time is to develop institutions for graduate and post-graduate level studies. In this context, it has taken a pioneering step towards providing Engineering, Management & Pharmacy education through its newly established KIPM - College of Engineering and Technology, KIPM - College of Management and Kailash Institute of Pharmacy and Management as these fields offer some of the most promising avenues for a successful and satisfying career.

The Institute will open the doors of employment oriented courses to hundreds of students. A team of experienced experts shall implement these courses with the highest quality; and modern well-equipped laboratories shall keep the learners abreast with the latest developments and techniques. Also, the reasonable fee structure will be helpful to candidates from all socio-economic background.

Dear students,

The next two years are very important in your life. The choices that you make and the effort you put in will be a major determinant for success in your professional and personal life.

At this stage, you should ponder over these points-

1- institute that has a good reputation, and where the best faculty, students and recruiters come.

2-An institute that gives you personalized attention so that you don't remain just a face in the crowd.

3- A programme that is so rigorous and continuously evolving that it places you ahead of your peers.

4- Faculty who are dedicated, hard working and passionate towards your success, and who can be role models for you.

5- A hi-tech environment that constantly exposes you to the latest technology and utilizes the latest techniques. An environment which encourages your all-round development besides focusing on academic excellence.

6- An institute that lays strong emphasis on traditional values so that tomorrow you not only become a successful professional but also a responsible human being.

7- An institute that works hand-in-hand with the corporate world so that tomorrow you are fully equipped to handle any challenges in the real life corporate situations.

Think .. decide ... and act.

Very affectionately yours,

R.D. Singh

My dear students,

KIPM is not elitist in its approach. While we do try to select brilliant students, we also accept those who are potentially sound. KIPM is interested in students who are committed, determined and hard working... it is inconsequential whether previously they could or could not achieve academic excellence. KIPM rather than restricting itself to the quality of students coming in, emphasizes on the quality of students going out from the Institution.

A strong academic orientation lays the foundation for life-long learning.Thus, all activities at KIPM are oriented towards creating opportunities for students to discover, explore and learn not just within the confines of their curriculum but also out side the boundaries of classroom.their horizon, enrich their thinking and look ahead. And, at the same time, KIPM firmly believes in the fact that rigorous academics is both the touch stone and backbone of education.e students at KIPM essentially go through a rigorous curriculum to imbibe in them the SPIRIT of KIPM--Soft skills;. Personality development; Internationalization i.e. putting things in the global context; Relevance - making it relevant to the needs of industry;Individual grooming; and Technology-developing an under standing of how technology is driving the world. Education and training here is broad-based, interdisciplinary and well-focused, so that, students evolve in context of their multiple role requirements.

I welcome you all at KIPM which is not only an institution but as well a seat of culture that strives at producing a new breed of professionals.

I remain very affectionately yours,

Vinod Kumar Singh

The Institute is ISO 9001: 2008 QMS Certified for its Courses

The Institute is also a member of The Indian Society for Technical Education

All the courses are approved by PCI and AICTE

B.Pharm and M.Pharm courses are affiliated to AKTU, Lucknow

D.Pharm is affiliated to BTE, Lucknow

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