The department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is established with the objective to train the pharmacy graduates in Pharmaceutical Chemistry to cater the ever-increasing need of pharmaceutical industry and academia. The department is well-equipped with sophisticated analytical instruments under the guidance of highly qualified faculty member.


HPLC (Shimadzu, Japan) U.V. – Visible Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu, Japan) U.V.Spectrophotometer (Systronic) Fluorophotometer Muffle Furnace Vacuum pump Karl Fischer Apparatus Digital turbidity meter Digital potentiometer U.V. Cabinet Refractometer Polarimeter Photo Colorimeter Flame Photometer


Pharmaceutical Chemistry I Pharmaceutical Chemistry II Pharmaceutical Chemistry III Pharmaceutical Analysis Central Instrumentation Laboratory

Research Areas

Developement of analytical methods for new drugs Validation of developed analytical methods Developement of new drug synthesis and QSAR Synthesis of newer organic molecules of medicinal importance and their biological evaluation with special reference to mental disorders Development of bio-analytical methods